7-ZIP, compress files located on your computer, you can open compressed files free software.
7-ZIP, compress files and folders located on the hard drives of computer users that can open compressed files or you can a free and powerful software.

While the program is taking place in the market in many file compression 7-ZIP offers users with wide format support, and is the first choice for many users because it is free.

Fairly simple installation process, after that you can start using it 7-zip file manager feature allows you to easily view all the files on your computer, and allows you to easily process your files.

RAR, ZIP, tar, GZ, LZH, LZA, ARJ and ISO, and supporting all popular archive formats such as compressed file, the program also has its own compression formats, 7z and compresses your files with the same file extension open compressed files with the extension successfully.

Itself automatically Windows right-click menu that integrates into your compressed files through a program like that you can make in just a few clicks, you can compress your files and folders easily with just a few clicks.

File compression and offering a highly effective solution to the users about how to open the compressed file, 7-ZIP, a file verification software comes with extra. In this way, original files you have downloaded over the internet whether it is on or whether it has been tampered with in any way, you can easily see.

As a result that you can use on your computer free, easy-to-use and powerful file compression and decompression if you need to have a program, that you should try at the beginning of the program as an alternative to WinZip 7-ZIP.