with a single click doPDF Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. allows you to convert your files to PDF.
with a single click the program doPDF Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. a web page files that you created with the program of your choice or instantly convert to PDF is a free tool that you can. Moreover, the resolution of the PDF files that you are preparing to adjust the size (A4, A5,…) you can specify.

Another feature of the program is to make the PDF file searchable word that you are preparing. No 3. host-party software does not to use this program is extremely easy.

Use The Program:

Prepared in Notepad or any other application to translate the file you have a PDF file, click File -> Print (Ctrl+P) and select dopdf from the printer options menu, enter, free to perform the printing process that you are using to convert into PDF file at that moment will be enough.

Warning! doPDF is a PDF Reader program. You can use software such as Foxit reader or Adobe Reader to view your PDF files.