Facebook chat application on your desktop, allowing you to use crafted in order to avoid boredom at your workplace, in all correspondence where you can hide with a hotkey, development of ongoing “chat” programs.

You can click here to take a look at the alternative program.

The name of the program immediately without cause misunderstanding explain. Do not have a bond with Facebook in any way. The sole purpose is to allow you to use Facebook chat application on your desktop. For this purpose, the continuous elimination of errors and used features to be user-friendly they are making an effort. Instead of entering in your browser from your desktop by logging in to your Facebook account, you should get programs that you should try between if you want to manage. Because it is a new program it’s natural to encounter errors. For this reason, often visit the site and you should check the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Thanks to proxy server option, as you can chat freely in places that have banned off of Facebook or at your workplace, you can avoid a difficult situation, press Ctrl+M combination, you can hide what you’re typing. Turkish language through the options have not been added yet. Available language options English, German, Arabic, Swedish, Albanian, Serbian, Spanish, Vietnamese as ready comes to the manufacturer site and download the language pack from the language file, you can prepare it in your own language.

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