Facebook Unseen on Facebook “Seen” a Google Chrome extension that you can use to turn off the caption.
Facebook Unseen Facebook Messenger and chat with your friends while a Google Chrome extension that covers the type of seen. Of all thanks for your plugin that you can use instantly because it is quite small friends, “why don’t you write the answer you see the message?” kind of problem getting rid of you.

As you know when she’s texting on Facebook, the other party when you receive your message The time you read the person who wrote the message “seen” notification in the form of goes. This is a great feature for some of us, while for some of us, certainly it shouldn’t be a feature that we think is ruining the friendship. With updates in our lives, there is a very simple way to get rid of these properties. We can download Facebook Unseen Google Chrome browser for free our plug-in gives us options for writing off seen on Facebook. Moreover, the Add-In we don’t have to do anything other than download and install.

The message in Facebook messenger that saved us the trouble of magically eliminating the weird our friends next Facebook unseen plugin turn off seen feature in answering questions, except during the course of conversation you can turn off writes to the message. Also relating to the reading of the message sets are also available. Them with a click on the active / deactivate of the plugin to be able to is the most important feature.

If you are experiencing problems interesting by your friends chat on Facebook, Facebook Unseen, you can address the root of the problem.

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