In text editing, drawing, and presentation tools in LibreOffice completely free-have your office needs covered.
OpenOffice free alternative for Microsoft Office, the most important Oracle in a management position of the company had lost the support of open source code developers. A group of OpenOffice with LibreOffice the document Foundation in establishing the first software supporting their way they continue. Therefore, a portion of the users who follow hereinafter OpenOffice LibreOffice shifted towards the direction it seems.

LibreOffice closely known and widely used Microsoft Office Software Word, Excel, Power Point, access to tools such as free alternatives to offer. The most useful part of the Microsoft Office Tools free LibreOffice with support for many formats offer the opportunity to easily work with documents.

LibreOffice Tools:
Writer: each type of Comprehensive editing with a text editor it is possible to prepare the document in a professional manner. Themes that offers many different ready for usage in text editor, allows you to prepare personalized themes. HTML, PDF, .it is possible to prepare and edit texts of many different types such as. docx.

Calc: prepare tables, perform calculations, use formulas and functions office employees allows you to edit data easily all that a significant vehicle for the deputy. The tools that have support for documents created by Microsoft Excel documents, XLSX or PDF format can be saved.

Impress: offering Comprehensive car themes for presentations are ready, the presentation helps you revive with different effects. Animations, 2D and 3D clip art, special effects and transition to your presentation by including powerful drawing tools able to get impressive results. Tool with support for Microsoft PowerPoint with PowerPoint documents, open, edit and save it. Presentations in SWF format can save them.

Draw: LibreOffice image editor with charts, graphs, diagrams, it will be easy to prepare. Maximum size of 300 cm x 300 cm and a tool that supports general and technical drawings drawings can be made. It is possible to steer this vehicle in dimensions 2 and 3 of the drawings. Your presentations, which is accepted as the new international standard for Office documents in XML format by saving it you will have the chance to work on any platform. All common formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, etc.) import from graphics. Use the draw ability to create Flash SWF files.

Base: thanks to the tool that is used for Database Management, tables, forms, queries and reports you can create and edit. MySQL, Adabas D, MS Access and PostgreSQL such as multi-user database software with support for base and offers a flexible structure with the help of the wizards.

Math: LibreOffice math Formula Editor for text documents, presentations, drawings, formulas can be placed on math and Science seamlessly. Your formula openDocument format (ODF), MathML format or in PDF format can be saved.