Magic actions for YouTube, Firefox and Chrome-as it is for a specific plugin on the Media Player many of the sound your mouse wheel allowing it to drop open. This function and other times just the mouse pointer on the video you can continue to use the mouse wheel works as usual.

Distribute your attention on the page, the plugin hides the items that cinema mode has to offer. This function appears under the video, but you can access through a bar that does not bother you at all. You can specify the background color of the page. Playback and other features that the plugin has to offer, social media buttons and more.

Magic actions for YouTube features

  • Simple volume up and down while watching videos on YouTube feature.-
  • On the quality of the video can begin.
  • Hide video ads.
  • You can adjust the width automatically.
  • There is no cinema mode. The video tries to showcase. Prevents distractions.
  • Cinema mode you can set the video size.
  • You can stop Auto Play.
  • Video Accelerator feature is available.
  • Auto-repeat feature is available.
  • Video announcements you can hide.
  • Alarm in a video, title, recommended videos, video description, comments, related contacts sub-sections such as a section or all of what you want, you can hide separately.

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