K-Lite Codec Pack is a package of codecs and related tools for files. You can find codecs for all files in this package. K-Lite Codec Pack full includes many codecs too. It is necessary to convert the video file are included in this package. Is recommended for professional users.

All the audio and video codecs in one pack.
The best way is to install a solid media codec packs, and codec most playback format to avoid falling into a mess of files. K-Lite Codec packil this solution can be achieved. It contains the most yards. video and audio codec you will be able to play all media files on your computer.

DivX, XviD, etc. the compressed format will be opened in all versions of this package. At the same time, you can get lots of details on topics like defining the subtitle and audio soundtrack and contains tools that you can make adjustments.

The manufacturer’s comments about the package:

Being unable to play DivX video files, if you are having problems, this is solver can provide an exact solution with packages.

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