Facebook in your profile that unnecessary Add-On and remove the fat !

Your personal page on Facebook is full with unnecessary things, if short, what are the ways of cleaning it ?

Facebook also provides conveniences for users facebooktemizlemefacebook the innovations that set our profiles can become incredibly mess. Impressions on your page, Facebook sponsored ads, is almost lost between the pictures that your friends have posted in the site, we’re lost. You are interested in or if you don’t see the activities that you want to draw attention to change this situation.

Here’s several ways you will give your news feed, pull, and vehicle.

Facebook offers options


Facebook’s offerings, that can help reduce the crowds in your news feed. Among the settings you can make change how the news is sorted, manually hide posts you don’t like, and their updates appear in your news feed you will see which of your friends which will you choose, it’s creating lists of the people you care about Facebook updates and more.

Allows you to easily clean up your news feed. Only working in Chrome plugin, Facebook is very successful at removing certain words from your life.

Facebook Social Fixer plugin for any web browser which you can find various tweaks and functions adds. One of them is filtering. Filter fixer social has to offer.

In this article you social fixer-social fixer what is talked about and Related the use of information and social answers to questions of what we’d like to point out that we must transfer Fixer. You also wants to be familiar with Social Fixer, Social Fixer what does fixer do you say What If or social, let us begin immediately to convey to you our information about social fixer:

What is social fixer? Personalizing your Facebook news feed with social Fixer is a Google Chrome extension.
What does social fixer do? Many setting to customize your news feed Facebook for your business about Social Fixer, Facebook news feed while they fit, you do not want links; of links and blocking your view while Facebook news feed and serves to make it possible for you to use whatever you want.

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