July 21, 2024
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Adblock for YouTube not working (Solved) Free 2024

Google searches for Adblock for YouTube not working have increased a lot lately. This is because it has recently risen to YouTube ads and cannot use non-skippable ads.

Adblock for YouTube not working – If you are having trouble with Adblock YouTube not working, then this guide will help you.

Adblock for YouTube not working in 2024

Even if you are using AdBlock on your laptop and desktop computer, ads appear for many reasons. I tried to explain it in detail below. First of all, we studied how to fix your existing Adblock add-ons. Afterward, I will recommend a plug-in as a definitive solution; this plug-in name is Adblock For Youtube™ | YouApp. Despite its long name, it is a very useful plugin.

Adblock for youtube not working
Adblock for youtube not working

Adblock Not Working For Youtube 2024

Reinstall AdBlock on Browser

From time to time, the extension may not work due to plug-in updates or browsers being updated. In such cases, it may be necessary to reinstall the extension. You can try reinstalling the extension.
Reinstalling the software can be a basic solution to all problems as it will reconfigure the Plugin’s settings, but many users reported that they fixed this issue by trying this step.

Clear Your Cookies and Cache

If Adblock for YouTube is still not working, you can clear your browser’s cache and cookies. AdBlock will run smoothly and properly if you do this.

Check Incompatible Extensions

AdBlock still doesn’t work on YouTube issues? Then disable all extensions installed on your browser, except AdBlock. Reload the page once you have finished. You can open YouTube to see the video, and then you can check for ads.

If none of the above methods solve the problem, you have a problem with one of the extensions you just disabled.

You can turn ON and OFF YouTube Adblocker in your browser

It’s difficult to understand how streaming video giant Netflix decides which ads can be skipped after a few seconds and which ads cannot.

Why not follow the example of courageous ad fighters and convince YouTube that our efforts have failed?

Let’s take a look at how to disable or enable AdBlock in different web browsers.

Adblock for YouTube not working Chrome

  • First, open a new tab in Chrome.
  • Paste chrome://extensions/ into the address bar, and then tap on entering.
  • Next, locate the AdBlock version that you are using in the Extensions tab.
  • Click on the Disable button next to it, then restart your browser and enable AdBlock again.

Adblock for YouTube not working Safari

  • Open your Safari, then click Menu on the top bar.
  • Next, select Preferences and navigate to the Extensions tab.
  • Next, search AdBlock and untick Enable this extension.
  • To complete the process, restart Safari and enable AdBlock in the same tab.

Adblock for YouTube not working Firefox

  • First, open your Mozilla Firefox & open a new tab;
  • Paste about addons, then tap on entering to open the Add-ons menu.
  • Next, go to Extensions and locate your AdBlock.
  • Use the toggle to turn off your ad-blocking software
  • Final step: Reactivate AdBlock and restart Mozilla.

Adblock for YouTube is not working on Mac

Use an Alternative Ad Blocker

You have done everything to run the existing Adblock plugin, but if YouTube ads show, it’s time to remove your current plugin.

It has the exact solution with the plugin I will recommend. You can easily remove YouTube ads. The number of users of this plugin appears to be over 150k.

A detailed explanation is available on our website. Detailed explanation: Adblock For Youtube

Add To Chrome: Adblock For Youtube™ | YouApp

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