July 22, 2024
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6 best security and privacy extensions for Chrome

best security and privacy extensions for Chrome What extensions should I add to Chrome? Protecting the online privacy and security of your data on the Internet is more important than ever. Fortunately, several Chrome extensions can help you do this by blocking ads and behind-the-scenes programs, securely storing your online account passwords, and more.

Best security and privacy extensions for Chrome

What is the most used Chrome extension?

Best security and Privacy extensions for Chrome
Best security and Privacy extensions for Chrome

Bitwarden – Free Password Manager

Bitwarden is a password manager that stores and auto-fills login information for all your online accounts. This means you only need to remember one password: the master password that allows you to log in to Bitwarden! It also has tools for generating passwords, checking the strength of your passwords, and evaluating the overall security of your online accounts.

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

Ghostery can help you focus on content by blocking ads on websites. It also allows you to see who is watching you on different websites and to block tracking features or anonymize your data to protect your privacy. It can even automatically block trackers while a web page is loading, so the page loads faster!

HTTPS Everywhere

Best security and privacy extensions for Chrome This simple extension from the Electronic Frontier Foundation forces Chrome to load the Secure HTTP (HTTPS) version of a website, if available. It can also block elements of a website that does not use the HTTPS protocol. Automatically switches thousands of sites from unsafe “HTTP” to secure “HTTPS”. It will protect you against many forms of surveillance and account theft and some forms of censorship.

WOT Website Security and Safe Browsing Protection

Check any website for reputation and safety information based on users’ experience. The Web of Trust (or WOT) draws on research by millions of security-conscious internet users to keep you protected as you browse online. Every website you visit or that appears as a search engine result will have a safety score and reputation score letting you know how safe and reliable the WOT community has determined it is (and you can submit your review too!). Also, if you are about to visit a potentially dangerous website, WOT will let you know and explain why it might be unsafe.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is another Chrome extension that can help you block ads and other unwanted programs from installing and running while browsing the web. This plugin claims that it can install and apply far more filters than other comparable ad blockers, using less memory to block unwanted web elements. You can choose which filters to enable or disable, as well as the websites you want uBlock Origin for Chrome to be enabled or disabled.

Adblock Plus – free ad blocker

Block annoying and intrusive ads, including video ads or audio ads, while surfing the web with Adblock Plus.  You can customize Adblock Plus to block certain elements on websites, or even recently, the Adblock Plus community has attempted non-irritating ads. Thus, by not blocking small ads, you support sites that earn from ads. 

Best security and privacy extensions for Chrome on web store

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