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Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments

Action Camera Microphone Attachment There are a lot of challenges when making use of an action camera to film. One of them is the sound quality. A lot of adventurers and videographers have complained about poor audio quality from internal microphones while filming on action cameras. Can there be a way to improve the quality of sound when using one of these cameras?

You can utilize the right microphone attachment for action cams to connect the microphone of an outside source to your camera in order to increase the quality of sound when filming. How do you find and utilize microphone attachments for your camera’s actions? This guide will provide all you need to know about.

Action Camera Microphone Attachment
Action Camera Microphone Attachment

A Review of the 5 best Action Camera Microphone Attachments

Media Mods GoPro for Hero 10 and 9

  • The microphone built into the device can be used to record both either the rear or front.
  • For use in harsh outdoor conditions, weather-resistant design
  • A deluxe 3.5mm microphone port for external microphone that provides clear audio.

GoPro Media mod, an official accessory for the new Hero 10 and Hero 9 GoPro action cameras, is available. This is our top pick for microphone accessories because the majority of users who own action cameras prefer the most recent GoPro devices.

How to Select Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments This is an explanation of how this module operates. It comes in a waterproof bag which fits on to the Hero camera’s body. The connector inside the USB Type-C USB port is used as an audio input to the camera. In addition, the built-in microphone is used as an audio input to the camera. It is located in the upper right corner the mod.

The mics on the back and front are able to be switched. The back screen shows the audio level and functions to act as an indication. It also acts as an indicator. GoPro Mod also includes a microphone windscreen to help in reducing ambient noise outside.

It is possible to use the GoPro media mod is able to be used as an audio enhancement for Hero cameras. Hero. External microphones can be connected via the 3.5mm microphone port to enhance the sound quality. It can take both powered and standard microphones. There are two cold-shoe mounts at the top to accept external microphones.

GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter

  • 3.5mm aux port for connecting external TRS microphone.
  • USB-C port for connecting to transfer media
  • A digital-to-analog converter can give better audio quality when filming with the camera.

This is the accessory that works with the older GoPro action cameras like Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, or Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, or Hero 5. This Pro Mic adapter to GoPro Action camera can be described as an OEM device. It includes a USB-C cable which connects to directly the camera. It also includes an audio head with 106dB conversion that can be connected directly to the connector.

Its 3.5mm audio mic port is utilized to connect microphones as well as other sources of sound like mixers. The USB-C connector on the camera functions as an information transfer route and also a power source that powers the converter. This permits you to connect standard and powered microphones that are compatible with the device. It will give clear, crisp audio for videos.

Connect your GoPro Pro microphone adapter to any sound source through the USB connector on the head of the converter.  Action Camera Microphone Attachments. The device is famous for amplifying audio and producing low-noise. This is a fantastic method to use the GoPro action camera. The first step is to turn it on , then connect the adapter to the microphone on the other side. This will ensure that the camera can recognize the device as a source of sound and will not experience any issues connecting it.

Double 3.5mm USB-C Audio Mic Adapter used with Osmo Action by CYNOVA

  • Auxiliary port that has an gold-plated connector to improve audio quality
  • The camera’s body is slim and durable, which is why it will fit well.
  • USB-C port allows for media transfer quickly.

DJI’s official microphone accessory for the Osmo motion camera Osmo is the Cynova microphone adapter. This adapter for microphones, just like that of the Pro Mic adapter to GoPros includes an 3.5mm microphone as well as an USB C port. While the design of the adapter is rather bulky but it will not weigh much on your setup for an action camera.

The Cynova adapter lets you connect an external microphone using the DJI Osmo Action camera equipped with the USB port. You can choose the type of microphone you wish to connect, such as either a powered or standard mic. A 3.5mm connection connects the microphone port, while the USB outlet permits media transfer. Videographers also have the ability to get high-quality sound from other sources like the sound card or mixer. Additionally, you can transfer the media file onto your computer directly from the camera.

Movo MC4 TRRS-to-TRS Adapter

  • Female TRRS to TRS male microphone adapter to connect external TRRS microphones.
  • Auxiliary ends are constructed of gold-plated steel that creates clear, crisp sound.
  • This is an excellent method to increase the length of the microphone attachments.

Many videographers face the issue that their microphones aren’t being able to fit into the adaptor port for their camera. It’s not just regarding the size of the 3.5mm audio jack as well as the type and number of connectors. These is the TRS as well as TRRS audio jacks. This connector isn’t necessary to use. It is possible to use any 3.5mm audio connector to your camera via the microphone accessory.

It is likely that you will require an accessory for your microphone that features an 3.5mm additional input. This accessory will not work with your camera on its own. It is possible to plug the longer TRRS connector of your microphone onto the female connector.

The microphone is gold-plated, which helps minimize distortion and interference. The microphone’s quality of sound is not impaired. This is fantastic news for videographers who value having good quality external microphones that have high-quality connectors.

Motion MPA-1 DJI Osmo External Sound Adapter

  • It’s a much less costly substitute for other mic attachments and has been demonstrated to work with several cameras.
  • Audio is delivered with high-quality.
  • It is compatible with any camera with USB Type-C ports.

The Movo PMA-1 DJI External Sound Adaptor makes the perfect accessory to our collection of microphone accessories. It’s, as the product’s header indicates the most cost-effective microphone accessory available. The auxiliary device produces an extremely crystal clear sound.

The manufacturer advises that the product be used in conjunction with the DJI Osmo pocket camera, numerous users have tried the product with other cameras and have reported positive reviews. It is compatible with the DJI Osmo motion camera the older GoPro Hero cameras, and a handful of Akaso cameras.

The adapter for microphones has an additional input that can be connected to 3.5mm Jack microphones. The other end of the adapter is an USB plug that connects to your camera’s port. It is compatible with a range of external microphones, provided that the connection is right. This is the best option for normal microphones.

What is the right accessories for your action camera’s microphone?

Action Camera Microphone Attachments External microphones and adapters for microphones as with all camera equipment, come with particular purposes. A high-quality action camera microphone accessory will do the task to connect an external microphone to an action camera and will provide clear and crisp audio to record the video.

The next issue is: How do you pick the right action cam microphone? What are the features and functions you pay attention to? This article will cover all of these aspects.

TRRS and TRRS jacks

Before purchasing a natural camera microphone it is important to determine the type of microphone you will utilize for recording. The majority of microphones feature an 3.5mm accessory input. The type of connection can be determined by how many rings that are on the cable.Action Camera Microphone Attachments

For proper operation for proper operation, to function properly, the TRS auxiliary input and the TRRS auxiliary input require somewhat different input ports. This could have a major impact on the quality the sound recorded. The microphone won’t work when the connectors don’t work generally. Be aware of the auxiliary microphone of your external end as well as the camera’s accessory input.

Connector types

It is clear that the kind of USB connector that is on your camera will decide which microphone is compatible to connect it. It’s not possible to buy a microphone accessory that has a USB Type-A connector if the camera you are using doesn’t come with one. This is especially true for cameras that have Type-C ports.

The great news is that the majority of action cam microphones come with USB Type C. They are compatible with the most recent models of action cameras.

The distance from camera while using – Action Camera Microphone Attachments

The majority of microphones used on action cameras are designed to be able to be placed in close proximity on the human body. This is essential to ensure better audio quality. In some instances the microphone accessory may be a long cable that connects to both the USB and the aux-ends.

The length should be as minimal as is possible ( ). Wireless external microphones are an excellent option for those who need to stay away from your camera when recording.

Microphone compatibility

Each camera microphone accessory can be used with any microphone, provided they have the appropriate female and male ends. Manufacturers can specify which model is the best one for your audio quality.

  • Lavalier vs shotgun

Many of the attachments for action camera microphones are compatible using lavalier microphones. Since lavalier microphones are able to be used in the field and this is usually the scenario with action cameras, that’s why a lot of the attachments designed for action camera microphones are made specifically for use in conjunction with lavalier microphones. A compact microphone that can be worn on your chest is required to record when mountain biking.

A shotgun microphone can be more suitable for videographers working in stable settings like indoor shooting or videologging. A microphone accessory that has a large microphone is recommended in such instances.

  • Powered in contrast to

A microphone that is powered requires an energy source to power it, whereas the standard line microphone can be utilized by connecting an additional. Although powered microphones can provide an unmistakably clear and crisp sound, they also drain the camera’s battery faster.

A quality microphone adapter is necessary for those using powered microphones. This will ensure top quality audio. The PMA-1 wire connectors of Move are designed to work with simple line microphones. They are perfect for top action cameras under $100. The camera uses less power and can maintain a high-quality video.

Action camera brand

A lot of action camera manufacturers offer OEM microphone attachments specially designed to work with their cameras. Original manufacturer options are usually the most effective because they’re specifically designed to integrate with your action camera.

If the manufacturer doesn’t offer a microphone compatible on their camera action, photographers may opt to buy microphone adapters to work with multiple action cameras. In certain instances it is possible that the OEM item may not work with the particular microphone model that you currently own. It is also possible to try other models that are recommended by users of action cameras online.


An accessory for a microphone on an action camera shouldn’t be more costly than the camera itself. This can also impact the quality of audio you receive to compliment an action camera.

The microphone is generally higher priced that the camera. This is to ensure that you don’t sacrifice the quality of sound from the camera. The price you pay is contingent upon the sound quality and performance of the USB and microphone accessories.


This is a different aspect to think about when choosing the microphone accessory for your action camera. The compact design is important when you intend to perform lots of outdoors shooting, or even extreme sports. It must be robust enough to withstand the elements like rain and falling off as well as long-term usage.


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