May 25, 2024
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Discord Desktop Mode Best Fixed

Why is Discord not opening in Windows 10?

discord desktop mode, as with other Windows programs, there may be many reasons why Discord does not open on the Windows 10 screen. Now let’s take a look at the reason why Discord doesn’t open.

Error 1; “Discord is blocked by another program”. One of the most known bugs is a different application that is preventing Discord from working. For example, we can say Antivirus programs.

Error 2; Discord offers several features that sync with the games running on your device. In-game overlay may prevent you from opening Discord while the game is running as it can cause conflicts for game players.

Error 3; There may be damaged or missing files. There is a possibility that your Discord files are corrupt, damaged or missing, it’s worth checking. These files will definitely need to be restored before you can start Discord again.

Error 4; Problems that may occur with Windows. Some common bugs can also interfere with Discord from time to time. This includes not enough space on your computer, an overloaded CPU, or a poorly configured internet connection.

Discord Desktop Mode
Discord Desktop Mode

Discord Won’t Install on Windows, General Fixes

Before starting the technical solutions, let’s take a look at the problems that may occur with common mistakes. A new fix is ​​available if Discord does not open on Windows, hangs during the update, or shows a gray screen.

• Visit and log in to the web version. Fill in your credentials and log in and start the application on your computer. Run Discord now again.

• Make sure the system is up to date.

• Uninstall and reinstall the application as a last resort.

Now let’s learn how to use discord,

Discord User Guide with 15 Items for Beginners

We’ve compiled 15 features that Discord beginners should know.

Discord, a platform preferred by gamers, reached 140 million users in December. Discord users are increasing day by day. Discord is very preferred because it includes voice channels, screen sharing and community features beyond messaging.

Continue reading your article to take advantage of these features.

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discord desktop mode

Changing the online status to “Idle”

Discord status settings offer you convenient options;


• Idle

•Do not bother


These states may not be understood by users in the “Idle” status. If you’re standing in the Discord app for a while without doing any work, the app automatically shows you as Idle.

If you choose your state as idle, you will remain in this state indefinitely, unlike the automatic idle state. So when you’re playing games or chatting heavily with others, you need to be prepared for messages from others.

Unlike the idle state, when you select Do Not Disturb mode, a red circle appears next to your profile avatar and all notifications are automatically muted.

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discord desktop mode

Status icons in Discord;

There are 5 different status icons. The status icons next to the profile picture are as follows;




• Purple


Green, Yellow and Red respectively; Indicates Online, Idle, and Do Not Disturb status.

Purple is live. No gray dots appear, it just turns gray when the profile photo is offline.

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discord desktop mode

What are Servers? What Does It Do?

We can call Discord a messaging platform with wide possibilities. It provides ease of messaging by appealing to large audiences such as the community as well as small groups of friends.

According to their interests, users can join many different servers such as groups that focus on raiding in-game, groups that gather for study, communities interested in software and technology, and secret groups.

Creating a Server in Discord

Let’s find out how you can create your own server.

To create a new bit server, press the “+” icon in the left-hand column of the screen. After pressing the “+” sign, “Create” or “Join” options will appear, from these options, press the “create” button.

After the Create option, you can change the server name, region and server icon in the window that opens.

Replying to Messages Directly

Just like other messaging platforms, Discord has the ability to reply to messages directly. This feature can be used in both the desktop app and mobile version.

Video Call

To initiate a video call in the desktop app, go to the audio channel on your server. Then press the video button in the lower right corner of the screen.

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discord desktop mode

How To Refresh Discord

What Should You Do to Refresh Discord?

If you’re here to learn how to refresh Discord, simply press CTRL + . R. This will help you successfully refresh the Discord page. Refreshing Discord gives you many benefits.

The biggest benefit of updating Discord is that it lets you update other people’s status. Sometimes Discord won’t update a person’s status on its own. As a result, you may find that their condition deteriorates.

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how to refresh discord

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