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What is RPX Movie – Best XRP Movie Cinema

Since the start of IMAX, its competitors have started to develop themselves with a similar or much superior product. From April 2010, Regal responded with Regal Premium RPX Movie scenes.These stages have much larger screens than Regal cinema, improved sound systems, and reclining leather seats.

I will give you an idea of ​​what RPX Movie theaters can offer you and give information about systems that are more expensive than IMAX.
At the end of the page you will find out if you can get your money’s worth.

RPX Movie
RPX Movie

What Does an RPX Cinema Offer?

There is a real situation that my cinema society claims. The sound and image quality of 2 different movie theaters is never the same.

Let’s talk about the RPX Movie screen resolution for a while, considering this event.

Every RPX screen, as Regal claims It is 40 feet vertically and 60 feet horizontally. which is slightly larger than an cinema movie screen.but still slightly smaller than an IMAX screen, which is typically 52 by 72. Since it is Regal’s Premium Wide Format product, it is also good enough in size. Movies are played with a dual digital projector of 30,000 lumens.Talking about the sound system, what local cinemas actually use is a bit unclear. Regal states that an RPX Movie cinema uses a 7.1 Dolby Atmos or 11.1 Auro sound system.+

Press releases claimed that movie theaters had eight 21-inch subwoofers. But that was a statement 12 years ago. The actual number may have changed drastically from 2010 to the present.

Regal also offers leather reclining seats in some theaters.Regal uses RealD in 3D movies, apart from two-dimensional movies. If we consider the comfort of the seats, 3D movies seem to look very good.

RPX Movie vs IMAX Movie – Which one should we choose?

One of the greatest entertainments for people who love entertainment and media is watching movies.It can be fun to sit at home and sit back on your couch and watch movies comfortably, but watching the movies you’ve been waiting for on big screens gives a completely different feeling.For this reason, many people prefer to go to the cinema instead of watching online.But with today’s technology, there are so many options to choose from.In this article we wrote, we will compare RPX Movie and IMAX Movie for you.It will help you to decide consciously which platform is the most suitable.this way, you will have decided on which platform your next ticket selection should be.

Let’s compare the features mentioned below between RPX Movie and IMAX Movie

  • RPX vs IMAX Screen Size
  • RPX vs IMAX Comfortable Sitting
  • RPX vs IMAX Sound Quality
  • RPX vs IMAX Video Quality
  • RPX vs IMAX Ticket Prices
  • RPX vs IMAX Underline
RPX Movie vs IMAX Movie
RPX Movie vs IMAX Movie


One of the most important factors when choosing between RPX or IMAX is screen size.When choosing a movie theater, watching it on the biggest screen is everyone’s choice.screen sizes may vary depending on the hall you have chosen and where you live.RPX screens generally measure 40 feet by 60 feet, while IMAX screens measure 52 feet by 70 feet.IMAX screens are generally larger than RPX screens.however, as I just mentioned, it may vary depending on where you live.


What kind of fee do RPX and IMAX cinemas charge for a quality and comfortable cinema experience? RPX Movie theaters are known for delivering a premium quality experience to all audiences.As a result, this is what P and X actually mean. For these movie theaters, the designers’ first priority is luxury. For this reason, it has reclinable, comfortable headrests and quality soft leather seats.

IMAX movie theaters can also have comfortable seats. Although they are excellent in their own line, they can never compete with the seats from RPX. When it comes to comfort and quality, the RPX is always one step ahead. Film corridors in RPX halls are usually small. this is why some people have trouble getting into seats. so that’s the only downside you’ll want to consider.


IMAX cinemas are a step ahead here when it comes to sound quality. Because IMAX has a 12-channel high-quality sound system, while the RPX only offers 7.1-channel surround sound in seats with built-in speakers. No matter how good the 7.1 surround sound system is, it cannot be compared to the system offered by IMAX. Especially if you are a music lover, sound quality is the only choice you will consider when going to a movie theater.
as a result, both theaters are far superior to traditional cinemas in viewing format.

You should also consider the possibility of distraction due to vibrations from the built-in seat speakers in the RPX. While some people can experience extra emotional experiences thanks to these vibrations, some people find it very jarring.

When making a choice at the end of the job, it all depends on your personal preference and the factors that will distract you from watching movies.


With the latest technology Modes that give images in different resolutions such as “4K” and “8K” are being talked about. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with today’s technology. Considering IMAX and RPX Movie, let’s question which platform has the best image quality. If you want to watch a 3D movie, you can choose RPX to avoid eye strain. But let’s not forget that the film brightness will be lower. This factor can be a negative advantage for users.

But if you just want to watch 2D movies, IMAX seems to be better. Because IMAX screens are closer to the audience and higher quality.
RPX Movie theaters tend to place the screen further away. But this is not an addition to the image quality.It even offers an IMAX-like image.


IMAX and RXP tickets are more expensive than standard theaters. IMAX ticket prices may be slightly more expensive than RXP ticket prices. However, it may vary depending on the movie theater you choose. IMAX ticket prices average $20-21 per movie. But they can lower the prices for the elderly and children. Average ticket prices for RPX movies are around $17-22. In this case, there is not much difference in price between them.


RPX and IMAX movie theaters In fact, there is not much difference between the above items so that you can decide which one to choose. Until you decide on your seat. Because the most effective difference between the two movie theaters is the seats. It gives importance to seat designs that are more comfortable and more luxurious than RPX IMAX. For this reason, we can actually say that the seats are more comfortable. If you say you are used to IMAX seats, there is no difference for you between the two platforms.If you want a more comfortable cruise, we think the best choice is the RPX.

RPX vs IMAX Summary Comparison

Screen Size40 feet x 60 feet52 feet x 70 feet
Comfortable SittingVery GoodGood
Video QualityVery GoodGood
Sound QualityGoodVery Good
Ticket Prices18-21 $20 $
UnderlineVery GoodGood
Summary Comparison RPX Movie vs Imax Movie

RPX Sample Movie

With the video below, you can see the difference between RPX Movie and IMAX Movie in a practical way.

For more information about RPX Movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RXP

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