June 15, 2024
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BNSF Emulator or Burlington Northern Santa Fe is a known and working software according to the definition of Emulator. BNSF Emulator was designed by BNSF staff to run in Java language.
As Android and iOS apps no longer support the JAVA platform, users are now experiencing difficulties and cannot access it. So, what can be done to Access the BNSF Emulator?

BNSF Emulator
BNSF Emulator

How to access BNSF Emulator

To access and use the BNSF Emulator, you must obtain a Mac or Windows. If you have any of these, you will have used the emulator. The BNSF emulator is actually an emulator created specifically for the Burlington North Santa Fe Railroad staff. Currently not available for Android and iOS devices. It can only be accessed with a PC.

Minimum requirements to run

  • Mac or Windows-based computer or laptop.
  • Any web browser that supports Java
  • Virtual Java Machine can use most common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or At least Internet Explorer 6.0.

How to log in to BNSF Emulator?

To use the BNSF emulator, visit https://www.bnsf.com/bnsf.was7/emu/main

After entering your login credentials, you can start using the Emulator. Be sure to use the latest version of the browser to avoid problems during use.

Required information to connect to Emulator Support 

To contact Emulator, provide the details shown below.

  • Birth on a date. ( BOD )
  • Contact person name.
  • A detailed description of the problem.
  • Version name and number.
  • Error messages should be explained in detail.
  • Name of the internet service provider.
  • To be online to use the emulator on the scheduled day and time.
  • The operating system name used

Help desk phone number

In the BNSF Emulator support line, you should clearly and clearly state what you want help with. otherwise, they will have a hard time helping you.

BNSF Emulator help desk phone number is 1-800-893-4357 or 1800-HELP649

BNSF Emulator for iPhone, iPad, Android

BNSF Emulator is designed for BNSF employees only. It can only be accessed via personal computers. No development has been made for Android and iOS yet.

Operating SystemAvailability
AndroidNot active yet
iPhone ( iOS ) Not active yet
iPad ( iOS )Not active yet
Platforms that support the BNSF Emulator

Other useful apps

  1. BNSF Railway Events: Emulator supports its users to follow a trail or detail while performing any special activity. It also provides quick access to event details, hotel information, maps, information about attendees, and all other necessary records.
  2. railpass: The main goal of the RailPASS application is to design a gate experience for BNSF company’s truck drivers. With this app, BNSF helps track product pickups and drop-offs or find shipment assignments.
  3. MyUPRR Mobile: MyUPRR helps with all handling and vision related to the transfer. It is also an application that can give direction.
  4. RF RF Emulator: Offers RF software that supports working on handheld devices or vehicle mounts. this design is a VT solution. Accessible only through skill editing.

BNSF Emulator problems and solutions

When using BNSF Emulator, you may encounter problems that can be easily overcome. Below are the most common problems and solutions for BNSF Emulator users.

Logging in problem :

The site may be blocked in the firewall settings. The first thing users should do is to check if the site is blocked. You can try logging in from other sources.

‘Invalid token’ error :

When using the BNSF Emulator ‘Invalid token’, If you encounter an error, you should immediately contact the BNSF security team to resolve the error.

Not displaying the Emulator but 3270 buttons :

If you cannot see the 3270 buttons in the emulator, click the 3270 buttons to enlarge them. After doing this, you can see the whole screen.

How to create a username and password to use BNSF Emulator?

With the guidance of your administrator, you can easily obtain your login information. when you lose your login, you can contact the Mainframe web team and get your credentials.

Unable to locate the PF Key buttons :

You cannot see the PF key buttons on some computers due to screen resolutions. when this happens, you will need to reduce the font size to see the top of the data on the page.

The way to print the display :

To print a document, document, or screenshot, ensure the printer is connected to the computer. When clicking the File option and selecting Print.

The emulator is freezing and declining inputs :

If your emulator is freezing and you cannot log in, resetting your Emulator is the only way to fix this problem. You can reset the emulator by clicking the button to reset your emulator.

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