April 20, 2024

What are the Windows 10 N to KN Editions? Best 2024 Version

We’ve all seen some versions of Windows 10 called Windows 10 N to KN. Well, have you not wondered why these Windows versions are named differently than the others? Like many users, you must have wondered about them.

Windows 10 N to KN
Windows 10 N to KN

In Windows 10 K and Windows 10 KN editions There are no media player and media related programs such as Media PlayerGroove MusicMovies & TV, –Sound Recorder and Skype. Other than that, it’s the same as other Windows versions.
So what are the differences between Windows 10 K and Windows 10 KN versions? With this article, we will inform you which one of them you will prefer or not.

What are the features of Windows 10 N to KN versions?

Windows 10 N Editions

In 2004, the European Commission passed a decision because Windows Media Player violated Antitrust law, severely damaged competing media player apps, and misused apps. Following this decision, the EU agreed with Microsoft and requested that the media player called Windows Media Player not be released with the Windows version.

Windows 10 N Editions
Windows 10 N Editions

As a result of this decision of the EU, Microsoft distributed a special version of Windows N for Europe to the European market. This distributed Windows N version removed Windows Media Player and all pre-installed media players and made them not exist in this Windows version. But all other Windows Operating system features are available in this Windows version.

 Windows 10 N Editions - Windows N to KN
Windows 10 N Editions – Windows N to KN

For example, Windows Media Player will not be included in Windows 7 versions. Likewise, in Windows 10, Media Player – Groove Music – Movies & TV -Sound Recorder and Skype will not be included. Computer users can choose the Windows N version without Windows Media Player. They can then install multimedia applications on the operating system as they wish.
Microsoft Windows It has not activated only the Windows N version to its users in Europe. They can also install Windows versions with Windows Media Player if they wish.
Windows N version must be available in Europe only because it is lawfully required. therefore, many users use the standard version of Windows.

Windows 10 KN Edition

This time Microsoft found itself outside the law in a country in 2005 again. Korea Fair Trade Commission has argued that Microsoft, like the EU, is abusing its one-handedness. Korea imposed a fine on Microsoft to not harm the messaging and media player companies that rival Microsoft. He asked Microsoft to release a version without MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player.

Windows 10 N to KN - Windows KN Version
Windows 10 N to KN – Windows KN Version

At Korea’s request, Microsoft has released a new version called Windows KN. Windows KN released its version with Windows N features as a version without programs like Windows Media Player and MSN, similar to the Windows N. The Windows KN version is the same as the Standard Windows versions except for MSN and Media Player.

Microsoft later decided to remove the MSN Messenger app from all its versions. In this case, it means that the Windows KN version has the same features as other versions other than Windows Media Player.

Does Microsoft only produce Windows 10 N to KN version?

Microsoft doesn’t just produce N and KN versions. If you buy a Windows 10 version, you can purchase one of the versions in the table below.

Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro for WorkstationsWindows 10 in S mode
Windows 10 IoTWindows 10 Team
Windows 10 NWindows 10 KN
Windows 10 Version List
Windows 10 Version List
Windows 10 Version List

Except for Windows 10 N to KN versions, other versions are the same

What does it cost you to choose Windows 10 N to KN versions?

When you choose Windows N to KN, not having only Windows Media Player is not a problem. However, since Windows Media Player and other multimedia tools and drivers are not in these versions, other applications you will install may not work properly.

For example, your computer games, Microsoft Office applications, and Windows video playback applications will not work properly.

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